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in it is going to go up dramatically. plus when you factor in the 13 innings. then again the orioles it is not like they had a lot of opportunities. arredondo pitched well. you did get the last at bats and couldn't do anything. then finally their potent offense was ail to have that huge inning. here's the first out in the bottom of the 13th. third strikeout for bulger. here's the oriole pitching on the day. guthrie five and two-thirds. chris kraay one run and two innings. baez a score the. jim johnson good job two innings no runs. bass four earned runs. albers five earned runs. >> that will hurt his era. but again, i think anytime you have at least -- the least amount of starters, when you have the least amount of innings from your starters, hopefully that will change over the next six weeks with the young gaze coming up and getting their feet wet, you have the most out of your bullpen and it catches up with you. we have seen that to some degree. matt albers struggled early went to the minors came back, pitched welling. written bass from time to time over a long period of time has be
and 930. if you missed part of the show you can catchúú÷÷   . >> the orioles wound up losing to cleveland 5-3. it's sunday, another edition of the dugout. the number one pick from last year. visit with the orioles catcher and brian, starts today as the orioles conclude a four-game series against the indians. the os extra pregame coming up next on masn.   from the land of downtown baltimore, welcome to an afternoon of orioles baseball. the orioles at cleveland indians, game 4 of the series and able to take 2 of 3 by scores of 5-4, 5-3, the orioles beat cleveland friday night. the extra team brought to you by at&t, your world delivered. brian support to the mound. he's 2-2, earned round average of 6.46 and acquired for boston in the victor martinez trade. masters with an earned run average of 4.7. tom davis with rick dempsey and a beautiful bright sunshiny afternoon in baltimore. the orioles try to go for the 4- game series with the cleveland indians. watching the game a bit. chris pitching and chad mullen took it, taking his hand and goi
 >>> fireworks night at camd the orioles hope the fireworks stay in the air and not on the backs of the angels who come in with the second most runs in the american league. chris tillman wants fireworks of his own. looking for his first major league win in his 4th major league start.   . >>> it's the orioles on mas and a beautiful friday evening as the appearing else come to town for the first of a four game set against the orioles. this four game set won't be easy. i'm gary thorn. the angels pounding the ball all over the place. they have huge bats in their line up. that will be a hard take for the orioles pitching staff. for the orioles they hope this august can get turned around. the dog days of august have set in. if you look at the numbers for the orioles compared to the season month of august average down most importantly the runs down, the home runs down, ranine scoring position is down, and to make it worst era has gone up. markakis, roberts, they have kicked off the first half of the month of august with pretty good numbers. ji
: it's orioles baseball from masn from the roger centre in toronto. it's the you can remember game of the three-game series as the orioles square off against the toronto blue jays. hi, everybody. i'm jim hunter, thanks for joining us. this weekend, two of the young orioles starters faced adversity and both passed their recent tests. jason berken allowed back-to- back home runs in the 2nd inning to vernon wells and alex rios and quickly trailed in the game 2-0 but berken would adjust. he went six strong innings. early on, chris tillman had trouble getting loose. he felt behind early. it was two-run home run by alex rios that put the jays ahead but till mapp would not allow another run. he pitched into the 7th and took home a very tough luck no decision. joined now by buck martinez, watching these youngsters go to the mound, what we are learning is how they handling adversity. >> buck: there is no panic in any of these pitchers' minds. when they give up a run, they don't think about. they continue to make adjustments. jason berken did it friday night using his change-up instead of a
. >> gary: orioles another chance to get to lackey with two down, runner at 2nd base. pie has lined out, hit into a fielders choice. he will take the strike, 1-1 with a runner at 2nd base. the orioles have been a hit away a number of times from cutting this lead to, you know down by one or two more. they have not been able to get it against lackey and credit lackey. >> jim: .247 with runner in scoring position. pretty good number. last inning a runner at third, got markakis to strike out or the orioles add another run. the back end of bullpen good for angels. the middle can be soft with the exception of palmer. >> gary: pie will foul that away. lackey on the road this year has gone 3-1. he's 4-4 at home. his e.r.a. on the road almost the same. .393 to the road. .383 at home. not much difference. you see the number of pitches he's thrown career high, in the last outing up to 97 in this one. mora on second. 1-2, pie will take on it the inside corner that's that. lackey getting his fifth strikeout. no runs, one hit no errors and a base runner left. on 5-1 angels.   >> jim: gu
know? the third base coach for the orioles. he has gone back to philadelphia. he was inducted into the phillies' hall of fame last year and this year he gets to present to thissier's entrant and it is harry kalas. his family will be there. he is going to be inducted into the phillies' hall of fame. so as a result -- >> buck: john shelby coaches third and he coaches first, and it is an opportunity to go back and enjoy the r the honor of being on the wall of the hall of fame. they're having a pretty good turn out with mike schmidt, lefty carlton, steve carlton coming back. >> gary: brian roberts for the o's. he flied out to left field his first time up. one ball and one strike count. toronto, 2-3-0. the orioles, o's. and that is taken up high for a ball. talking about the doubles' leaders, here is one of them. >> buck: and he hits doubles. he has great speed. he is a slashing hitter. he has always been among the league leaders in doubles. >> gary: followed by lend and markakis so the top three doubles hitters are in this game. >> buck: to me a double is even more of a pressure h
: on a beautiful tuesday night in plin police, it's orioles baseball on masn in the metrodome. mid of of the three-game series as the orioles take on the minnesota twins. hi, everyone. i'm jim hunter. last night it was a good, old- fashioned baseball game. twins held on to beat orioles. orioles are becoming more and more competitive in the close games all because of the experience being gaint gained by the young, starting pitchers. last time through the rotation, the orioles have been as good as any group in baseball 3-2 overall. there are the numbers last time through. chris tillman last night a hard- luck loser just two runs in 5 1/3 and minnesota won by a final of 2-1. buck martinez, when you look at how the young pitchers are coming along, it gives you an idea they're going and it might not be too far down the road. >> buck: i think you're right. tonight's starter brian matusz has made dramatic strides. matusz is beginning to understand the value of his fastball. last time out against tampa bay, he was very good. 14 strikeouts just three walks necessary last two starts. brian matusz is really
.  . >>> orioles baseball brough you by southwest and by pnc, leading the way. i'm gary thorn. beautiful low 80-degree evening at camden. gentle breeze out to left. great night for the game and the orioles getting the six runs on six hits after the angels started a two run two hit first inning. we dpo to the bottom half of the third. rbi single for mora. a strike taken. weaver two walks, three strike outs. tillman two and two. jammed him and no play. >> he is now doing what he wanted in the first which is be able to instead of missing off the plate hit the corner rsz. he hasn't dissh didn't throw a slider in the second. that hurt him in the first and sometimes if you have three pitches maybe you don't have all three that night or they aren't good. >> 0-2 to right center. matthews and he has it. one away. mora retired. radio shack, what do you know? we know that. 1975 a guy named jim palmer, decent pitcher, 25 complete imam games. starter's have thrown 25 complete games since 2004. good or bad? >> if you have a good closer pretty good. >> since 2004 equaling the number you had. >> it's diff
. it disappears. he is the minor league pitching coordinator for the orioles. he was part that have jim johnson now lives in sarasota in the off season as does dave. and jim worked with mort and dave on that stride. ever since it has all come together for him. 2-1 on kendrick. >> again the ball starts on the inside quarter. the illusion is, it is going to be a strike and howie kendrick chases it and it just keeps coming at you. tremendous movement from jim johnson when the ball is down. over the last maybe six, seven weeks, looks like the fast ball is very effective. >> brian roberts has a play and he gets it to first. two men down. johnson reached for it, but he never it never bounced up to him. two outs in the los angeles tenth inning. but first johnson has to get by sean figgins, who would be the league mvp if he batted against the orioles every game. outside. ball one. we'd like to welcome those who are watching the nationals win at cincinnati 5-4 the final there. bonus coverage now on masn and hd. we are in the tenth inning at camden yards. orioles tied it in the bottom of the ninth with a
with every at-bat. the drugles that the orioles' young players may be going through now and altogether should help once they all begin to figure it out and if they don't figure out, somebody else will come and take the spot. >> buck: with reimold and wieters and dave trembley has talked on about adam jones, how much of an improvement we have seen this year to last year, and he is hopeful that the same improvements will take place from nolan reimold and matt wieters. >> jim: there is a strike to andino on a breaking ball. the challenge to the ball club now is to identify your foundation. reimold in left, jones in center, markakis in right, probably roberts and izturis up the middle and then you tee side what you're going to do with the corners. good shape behind the plate. >> jim: hit right to aaron hill shading that way. two down in the orioles' 7th inning. yeah, the corner position this offseason is where andy mcphail will be the most active with the position players. we were talking about pain done snyder as mark gave up the up date from norfolk and bowie playing at fenway park. they called
behind it. >> jim: wieters goes down on strikes. orioles go three up, three down in the second. xw@t@t@@@@@h  . >> jim:  here is morneau ba in the line-up. buck mentioned he missed four games, the lingering effects from the inner ear infection and the medication that was prescribed for the inner ear infection. >> jim: i think one thing that i would like to see against good hitters like morneau and mauer, just use the fastball until they prove that they're going to get after it. go ahead and challenge it away. trying to move that breaking ball to the outside corner. >> jim: you made an interesting comment at our production meeting today about how when young pitchers come to the major leagues, they have a vision in mind that they have to throw everything for a strike including the breaking ball and the change-up the fastball, that because they have it, they have to use it. >> buck: well, you have to throw everything for a strike, but don't have to do it to every batter. that's the rob, they want to come out and three everything all the time, but they need to just utilize
into second base, and he's got a double as he punched that one against the orioles' defense that time for his 33rd two-bagger. >> buck: and you see, 33 doubles. you don't have to have that handle down on the end and run that bottom hand over the nob. a couple of hops up the wall and he takes take fastball away and drives it away from felix pie. it is just too much of the plate. it was up a bit higher than the two-seam fastballs he was throwing earlier. >> gary: and that look brought to you by northrop grumman, the information systems power house. shin-soo choo, the runner on at second base. he'll go on and fouls it back. >> buck: if you have not seen choo, look at his numbers, and he is truly a five-tool player. he can run, hit for average, for power. a good defender and throws very well. >> gary: the 0-1 count r count and a big 3-4 in the ballgame last night for choo. he, too, has had a red hot bat. wieters is going to have a word with berken. >> buck: the highest batting average among right fielders is .360, choo is .315 and there is nick markakis at .303. the offensive players, and think e
 . >> jim: the dome is in its final season, and tonight the orioles play their final game against the twins at the dome. >>> it's orioles baseball on masn tonight from minneapolis. it's the finale of this three- game series, as the 0 orioleling get set to take any the twins. the birds looking for a win tonight on the final game of the series before heading home for a home stand and looking to bounce back from a frustrating loss last night, a game they felt get away in particular because of early missed opportunities. the orioles for the game just 3 for 13 with runners in scoring position, early on in the game when they could have broken it open, they left 8 men on base in the first four innings, including leaving the bases loaded in consecutive inning, and twice in the game, they allowed minnesota to come back after the orioles scored and the orioles eventually grew blew a 6-3 lead. buck, when you lob attie games on this trip, in particular last night, three one-run losses, all of those opportunities are huge. >> buck: well, it sure is a big problem, when when you're play
to the bullpen. you never went to do this when you have a guy talented jeremy has shown the orioles over the last couple of years. too many balls in the middle of the plate. too many up the middle. we still have a chance to win the game. >> so henderson comes -o guthrie leaves. angels lead it by a run. now at chili's -- welcome to chili's. start your three-course meals with a shared appetizer. for a second course, choose two entrees from over 15 chili's favorites, like our big mouth bites -- the mini burgers with giant layers of flavor. or a half-rack of our triple-basted baby back ribs. then save some room to share a decadent dessert. a lot of bold flavors, for a limited time only. chili's --  >>> look at our geico game summary. a lot of offense brea both teams. three runs in the first inning. jeremy guthrie then the orioles would come back 4-0. 4-2 on the roberts two run homerun. make it 6-3 after the angels add a couple. then 6-4 nick markakis ties it up 6-6. then howie kendrick is driven in with two outs. guthrie now for what some the angels 67 times. two run home runs. luke scott havin
with the orioles, the first time he pitched since september. but you need to change the mcs. if somebody is -- mechanics. if somebody is dropping their arm, could suggest fatigue, pain and soreness. that is something you really watch for. you don't want them going out there and laboring when they are retired, but the coach is trying to impress upon them, cut down the number of pitches you are throw. if you do that, you will be able to pitch into later in the game. >> jim: with matusz, that is a good point. over the first 5 starts, he averaged 19 pitches perinning. >> buck: that is too many. guys will throw into the 13, the good guys, that is how consistent they are. roy halladay, throwing 15 pitches over time, allowing you to pitch later into the game. >> jim: 2-2. had a huge series. >> buck: everybody is concerned about young pitching. they are given four days off, eight days off, looking for signs and fatigue in adjustment of delivery. you don't want to injure of jeopardize any of these young pitchers. >> jim: well matusz through 113 innings in the minor leagues this year, now 25-2/3 w
. tuesday september 1 is ollie's bargain night. 888-848-burger orioles.com. the reason they could do that is a guy that came into the season. .306 lifetime in the big leagues. it is good to to have a defense. they could put his tourist in from and move aybar. a lot of times the young hitters, kendrick could be as good as he was in the minor leagues. >> jim: at the end of the day you better have good coaches, you better sign good players, you are going to have to have players to howie's credit we want back to the minor leagues, worked on back in the big leagues, a chance to go to the post season. >> jim: a generous call but guthrie will take it 2-2. >> jim: it wasn't the double is how they got to the 3-2 fast ball. 0-2 missed with three pitches down the double play. he came back to get him here is the first strikeout. a two man out. it is about location and getting ahead of hitters, there is a good good curve ball. got four pitches. doesn't always use them. at the end of the day, i don't care who you are. you better stay out of the middle of the plate. does roy halladay pitch in the m
 floor. the orioles said you want t see fireworks watch this. up and down the lineup. 6 runs in the 1st inning by the time it was done pie had the cycle. a one, a 2 and a 3 and a homer. the orioles won it 16 runs on 19 hits. matusz will look for his second major league win and try to make it two in a row against the angels. utah stay fans on hand and so are you.   tonight the crowd coming in see game 2 of the 4 game set again the angels. against the orioles who had one of those nights last night at orioles park at camden yard. i'm gary thorne, who would have guessed they would put up record numbers. we'll talk about them throughout the game. who would have guessed felix pie would come up with the cycle. he wanted the ball hit by terry crowley. he said think about what you've done. you don't realize what i did. the think of it as a no hit fore or the pitcher. jerry said when you hit for the cycle it's like pitching a no- hitter. there's only been 294 cycles. 292 no hitters. this seize on 6 have hit for the cycle, 2 have no hitters. >> if you look a
. >>> good evening and welcome in o's extra presented by at&t. your world delivered. we're at oriole park they take on the indians. you will see. what does it mean to be a player to get inducted into the group. >> it is an honor. i didn't have the numbers i spent a lot of time in the majors, 24 seasons. i played with the greatest names in the history of the game. to you mentioned in the same breathe with them. it is an honor and people remember the way that you played, not what you put up and the game winning r.b.i.s. they remember the effort here that you put into the game. they love you for. that i love them for that. >>> and harold takes his place. game 3 of the series. that's when we come back. the starting lineup. yes mr. jones the center field ser back in the lineup.  announcer: during the autobahn for all event, you can get great lease deals. i love it! i just want to know it's the right move. me? thirteen days in the future. you get a deal on the car you always wanted. scheduled maintenance is included, it's all good. what's the future like? you love your new jetta. and th
>> the orioles move to the roger center in toronto the open a three-game stand. on the occasions, the long ball, 11 of them, has been the orioles' secret weapon. tonight they will take on toronto's secret weapon. a young pitcher by the name of ricky romero. she looking to become maybe the winningest rookie this season. jason berken has faced him before. the two youngsters go against one another who gets the pie? we're about to find out! it is the beautiful city of toronto, ontario, canada as the orioles come to open a three- game stand against the blue jays, a team they have a winning record against on the season. >> lots of noise here tonight. the 1992, 1993 championship teams of toronto are being recognized. they have a tremendous turn- out. they're being introduced behind us. about winning, bringing the fans back, about reminding toronto about how they got to be a winning franchise. it the same kind of thing the orioles are trying to do. how do you win? how do you get back to that post-season. well, we thought we'd take a look at how some of the teams are on their way to the p
degree men's deodorant. mind-blowing fragrances. . >> jim: orioles baseball on masn brought to you business southwest airlines and by corona and corona light. relax responsibly. nice view outside as some of these sunday afternoon boaters are getting their exercise in. back inside, orioles go to work down by 3. aubrey huff takes a breaking ball for a strike as halladay goes ahead. orioles have scored in each of the last two innings. halladay now has a 5-2 lead. huff, mora and scott. huff looks to extend his hitting streak. huff did not like that ball. that's 1-2. >> buck: that's a tough one, the back door curve ball that he throws and he pitched the two-seamer outside and drops that hook on the outside corner. and strike 3 called. that looked like the two-seam fastball, buck, and it came right back into the strike zone for the out. >> buck: talk about how tough roy halladay is against the orioles. last 12 starts, halladay has a record of 9-0. orioles starters took 8 of those defeats. e.r.a. 2.80 compared to 9.76. opponents hitting .250. the orioles are giving up 100 higher points to
of a four game series. the orioles won the first game. last night they lost. your world delivered. today jeremy guthrie is sent to the mound. he is 7-12. a left handed pitcher for the orioles. beautiful day for baseball. hello, everybody. >> tom: davis. welcoming you to the studio right above the field. cruz told me the night before, are they improving? >> you know something, there is no way to tell right now, tom. i would like to say yes they are, but the win loss record doesn't indicate that with any one of them. what i look for, for the rest of the season, i'm not going to evaluate these guys on their win/loss. berken has two wins on the season. i can't evaluate them. what i want to see when they go out to the mound, i want to see the way they handle adversity. this is what i look for, going into next season. the orioles aren't going anywhere, they are not going to play in a playoff or have a wild card berth so far this season. what i want to do, every single young guy that comes in here to pitch, i want to see the way he pushes hitters around the battedder's box. what he has learned
 >> in the orioles are comin on. wins in three of their last four games. the pitching is coming on as well. guthrie and berken with wins in chicago, as the birds took two out of three, stunning the white sox. now the read trip moves on to minneapolis. it's the first of three, os. and twins up next on masn.    . >> jim: the tw playoff hopeful. once again, their favorite number five came into play. when the or yeahs score five or more runs on the year, their record is astounding, 40-15 on the season in those games. that is playoff caliber baseball. buck martinez, when the starters go to the mound and give this team a chance, it's amazing how good and exciting this ball club can be. >> well, one thick about this orioles ball club, they have been able to score runs over the past several years, now they have to get the pitching where they get their era under 5. that's the magic number. >> and the other effect we're beginning to see as the starters get more consistent and deep per games, take something of the load over the bullpen. that load now goes
: he is riding himself a little here as he slows the orioles of down, only 4 runs in the 3rd inning. it has really been his problem, but other than that, pitched pretty effectively. >> jim: ball 3. so, the indians traded victor mars for the red sox sox and wanted to keep some it have the big wig players. also got back some young pitch with the phillies. >> buck: and rafael perez, begin to throw. >> jim: already won two games this series. 3-1 on wigginton. >> jim: you missed it. 3-2. orioles scored all 4 run in the 3rd inning, the 1st on afroing error, then a 2 run home run by pie, and a double home run by scott. in the 4th inning they had a chance, but left two on, that ball gets away from catcher, toregas, and down to second goes wieters. wieters in scoring position. the orioles and orioles wives have teamed up with maryland spta to create a special keepsake. you can pick up an orioles pet calendar. you can see pictures of the lovable pets. the from seed will benefit the spca and the local homeless pets. get online at orioles.com and get your calendar. for all the animal lovers, th
-2, wigginton. and the count is 3-2. orioles down here by a score 4- 2. and find plays made by cleveland. and including the double plays. a strikeout recorded by smith. only three strikeouts in the game 1 each for the three for the indians. , this is tough. you can see where it pulls off. on the other part of the plate. >> gary: 2 down. chad moeller. single and a sacrifice. playing in a that will be inside a little off ta pitch it gets fouled. big game in the west coast. the giants and colorado playing a matchup two teams contending for the wild card. they giants have 59-0 lead. they're in the 8th inning. lost in that. rockies are in trouble 67891 ball two strikeout. they're still in the race but they would then have a 1 game lead over the giants. barry zi. it o has been throwing the -- zito has been throwing it well. >> buck: they had the spirit getting into it. >> gary: 45 days worth of outstanding baseball. coming back on the attack. they are another vise team. the giants are somewhat of a surprise. no question about it. they added the pitch. we didn't know how it would fare, they mad
with an appetite for fun. go to orioles.com for more information on the picnic perch. >> gary: you saw salad on that list. >> jim: did you see anybody eating it? >> gary: oue. >> jim: that's where tom davis and dave johnson want dio show the heck with the bar.. david hernandez phas bethat on eld, that is hit hard by airston and good-bye home run. >> jim: the one thing about scott hairston, you could see, 14th this year, he got traded over from the diamondbacks where -- actually the padres where he had 10 home runs. you hang a breaking ball, that's the only thing that david hernandez has really not commanded well tonight. that's your room service hanging curveball. it just kind of hovers there, doesn't break, u toest up. >> gary: that will be the 8th home run surrendered by hernandez on the season. five of those to right-handers. here is cust. going for another one. cust flied out to left field his first time up. >> jim: you want to use all yo pitches, but you don't want to hang that curveball because it really does speed up the bat. >> gary: the s have now surrendered 142 home runs on th
. he is the fourth orioles the hit for the cycle. and he's pie squared. tonight brian meatuses goes to the mound. it's ons -- o's extra comes upright now. welcome in on a special day for the season ticket holders. a autograph session and a q and a. the orioles take on the los angeles orioles. it's o's extra presented by at&t. we're trying to find out if there's a cinnamon pie. i may have over stated that. speaks of felix pie, he's 2 for 2 and the game has not started. how about last night. it was one of those rare games where the orioles had ever on the field contribute and pie topped it out hitting for the cycle. >> he's worked hard on the game, since he lost the left field job earlier it was given on the him on a daily basis to see how everything went. he did not get off to a good start. terry crowley worked on his swing. he's realizing how much work he has to put in to be at the major league level. last night culminate,ed that hard work. and the other is felix pie's teammate aubrey huff who picked up a cycle against the angels. >> amber: you injure your hand at the plate. everyon
the inning up for the orioles. two easy rbi and the runner goes into 2nd base uncontested the orioles should have had that out. quinlan a base hit, rivera would score and that's a 5-0 game. >> a good throw to home plate but no way that wieters can make the tag. >> here's the orioles run. >> markakis continues to swing the bat well. 2 hits to game and doubles to right center field and scores the orioles only run of the game. >> the 9th inning the orioles got the first 2 on, on a single and walk. fundes is closer coming on. the orioles were trying to make it back-to-back wins have won consecutive games back to back wins only once since the all- star break. 8 and 20 since the break. in 28 games since the all-star break the orioles put wins together back-to-back only once. lackey gets the win. matusz the loss and fuentes the save. let's head back to the broadcast booth. jim, when you look at the pitching matchup you saw the difference that the experience can do, because john lackey was able to navigate through jams and there was one bad inning but enough damage was done. >> it was. the one thing
's orioles o's xtra game brought to you by a t and t. today, matusz takes the mound. for toronto, it is roy halladay. he is 19-4 against the orioles in his career. hello, everybody. tom davis with rick dempsey. welcome to the masn studio, a half hour before the orioles take on the drop toe blue jays. you think about roll halladay -- roy halladay is one of the best pitchers in baseball. what do you think the young oriole pitchers should do? >> rick: i hope they are watching. not only the way he goes about, but how he prepares he wants to go 9 innings every single day. i have seen a manager come to the mound try to take him out with over 120 pitches, and he refuses to leave. that's the kind of toughness that you want to see. i hope that the orioles watch that tonight. >> tom: the orioles get ready for the third and final game. let's go up to toronto and visit with wjz's mark viviano. >> hello, tom. the roof is closed here because of thunderstorms. there will be baseball. don't worry. but not for brian roberts. he has a bruised shin suffered yesterday. he told dave trem plea that he could play
decides whether the orioles will pick that option up and dave will be back next year. what he wanted to avoid is that swoon that comes for the last 11 years for the orioles. you look at what we're talking about. the winning percentage after the all-star break golf all of these managers -- for all of managers, miller got the closest to .500, they have not been there. it's been really bad finish shall. so, what andy was hoping not renewing the contract early would give trembley and the players something to work at. >> jim: the players like dave trembley. >> in the gap. that will go on the wall. brian roberts will add to his doubles total as the league leader picks up another one leading off the 5th inning. >> jim: 44th double. so simple for him when you're gifted. fastball away, maybe ends up in the middle of the plate. he says that fine with me. right there, rivera can't get it. not fleet of foot in left field. my point about trembley. if you like him. win games for him. and he said that he was happy, talking about dave trembley with the process of young players. >> yes. dave said tha
batters. middle of the eighth at the metrodome. orioles-twins tied at 6-6.   >> buck: kam mickolio pitch very well allowed just three hits in seven games with 11 strikeouts. he's overpowered hitters with the moving fastball, good, late- breaking slider. he has impressive sliders. seven games this season. he's allowed only three hits. walked three batters and punched out 11. chris ray had a good inning. erased that. now kam mickolio will work the eighth inning of this 6-6 game. >> jim: alexi casilla will leadoff number nine. then it's back to the top. span and cabrera again. they seem to come up everything inning. see a switch hitter will bat left against mickolio and this is high. there's a strike. casilla taking all the way. mickolio got the call. comes right at him. joe nathan getting loose. in case they get the lead, he wants to be ready. casilla is down. mickolio blows it by him. >> buck: does every. he's had great movement on his fastball. we talk about his delivery how difficult it is for hitters to pickup the release point. got crossed by a delivery. a little late m
and weather together. >> for one of the orioles finds himself in a playoff space but not with the orioles. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to the watercooler question of the day. what do you think of the idea to bring an irl indy car race through the streets of downtown baltimore? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. it's fidelity's guidance -- it shows you ways to spend in retirement that can help your money last, whatever your plans. like, if we wanted to travel? husband: or start a business? advisor: yep. wife: or take some classes? sure. or find the best cheeseburger? the line isn't for everything. whatever your destination, fidelity has the people, guidance and investments to help you find your way. or sit on her bed and talk about her day. but she's ready. thanks to walmart's unbeatable prices, i was able to get her everything she needed. as well as what she wanted. letting go? mom! (mom) that's the hard part. set them up for success, for less. save money. live better. walmart. >> the season keeps getting longer for the baltimore orioles. they lost 8-5 to the
moeller makes the start tonight behind the plate. it's the orioles and a's, it's "o's xtra" right now. >>> it is a hot and humid summer night in baltimore and it's a big night for the fan base because it is brad bergesen t-shirt night and the fans proudly wearing the number 5 brad bergesen t-shirt. welcome in, it's "o's xtra" presented by at&t. game two of this three game series against the oakland athletic. jim hunter and jim dempsey. birds looking to snap back. rick, when you look at the season, we knew what it was going to be all about, the younger players arriving in baltimore, they're part of the future, trying to work their way in and figure it out. we knew there was going to be inconsistencies. i have to believe that as the players go through this, they and the team are going to benefit long-term. >> they will. they're going to learn things that they don't like to see most of the time and it's losing. this is how you're going to find out what kind of players they are in the future. what nolan reimold is going to be like when he approaches next season when they wipe the slate cl
is over. so the orioles bounced back after a tough loss last night. all throughout the rain and the orioles win it today to split this series with the indians, 2- 2. and brian matusz, outstanding to get the win, as jim johnson comes on to earn the save. final score, orioles 5, the indians 2! @@pp  >> jim: we are back here. we will come back, take a look at the highlights and more about the orioles getting the split against the cleveland indians. let's return you to jim and buck. >> buck: thank you. we will head downstairs and visit with amber. >> reporter: what a game by brian matusz. he said in his last outing he didn't think he was being aggressive enough, not attacking hitters. did you see him be aggressive in this game? >> buck: yes. he was able to individual in enough all season to keep them off balance. he was outstanding for the first five innings and a little blip in the 6th inning and 7th. >> he was able to get the next batter out and move on. >> act exactly. he has strong will and was able to dote through the inning. >> reporter: you have see
past and ties the game up. >> jim: orioles leading-2-1. >> rick: izturis has two hits on the day. halladay up in the zone. izturis, that does not matter to him. >> tom: toronto with score four times in the 3rd. toronto gets a 3-2 lead. >> rick: brian matusz was up in this inning right there, two home runs on the inning, four runs he gave up right there. this was not as sharp as he was in his first outing right there drop toe takes advantage of iti. >> tom: on the toronto barge continues. >> rick: the second home run of the inning, nice hanger right there, change-up, vernon wells hits it into the upper deck. four runs they score in the inning. they if on to win the game 7-32 brian matusz is now 1-1. roy halladay pitched eight strong innings. over controls are lose it out of 3 to the toronto blue jays. they head back home. let's go out to toronto for more. >> jim: thanks very much. as tom and rick were talking about, when you go against the toronto blue jays, you know your chances are few. you know how to get to him. >> buck: the thing about halladay, you stake him to an early lead
orioles todo lo contrario, tenemos el resumen de las grandes ligas. clasificacion a la siguiente ronda de la liga de campeones de la concacaf. d.c. united esta en la capital salvadoreÑa. Ñ=los tuzos del pachuca han viajado a guatemala con una buena ventaja de 3-0 y se mediran esta noche a los tigrese jumay en jalapa, pero que tendremos por television esta noche. bien a las 8 de la noche puerto rico irlander recibe a toronto fc con ventaja de 1-0, mientras que jalapa perdiendo 0-3 recibe a pachua a las 10 de la noche, ambos partidos los tendremos en vivo por galavision. de la jornada de hoy clafican 3 equipos a la zona de grupos. mientras que real madrid se prepara para enfrentar a dc united el fin de semana, el barcelona sigue su gira por los estados unidos en su primer compromiso derroto 2-1 al galalxy y ahora ya estan en seattle para enfrentar al saunder de la mls, tenemos reacciones. hasta aqui los deportes esta noche entre otras cosas tendremos el resumen del futbol local.. buenas tardes. pñññññññññññññpppppppppppppppppñ llega a la pantalla grande una de las pelicula
be the official owner of the orioles, but the other one probably shows up on the annual report. look scott has owned holiday in his career. this single makes it 1-0, orioles. he is playing against his old club. it is a solo home run. he went 3 for 3 in the game. the orioles gave themselves a chance in the third. that puts the orioles up. the rookie is making his second career start. he got hammered. vernon wells cashes in here with a home run. the orioles go down 7-3. >> patrick carrington had the lead in the final round. he did not have to play in the final group with tiger woods. tiger woods has won this six times in his career. >> it was a two-man race on the water in akron. tiger stormed from three behind to take the lead. he is down one. this is a tiger at his best. that is a beautiful shot to set up an easy birdie. on the next shot, patrick has to get close to keep the lead. he makes the triple bogey and goes down three. he i>> on the seventh day they rested, right? i guess the man upstairs did not have put all in his grand plan. training camp for the reagan meant rigid training camp for
chances go up, but we will still be in the 80's for the highs. >> pete is here. the orioles won against the odds. >> felix off of the bench. >> felix off of the bench. they are going for a dull metal clanking sound. bear groans. ♪ ominous music ferocious growling. roaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!! ♪ whistling bluegrass tune cash for clunkers is available at your chevy dealer. with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. if your clunker qualifies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. and just announced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months. that means you can buy a '09 malibu for $271 a month after a $3500 government rebate and no down payment. go to chevy.com for details. doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. (announcer) trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help of honey nut cheerios' sweet taste, lowering your cholesterol is a non-challenge. get your free sample online at non-challenge.com this is really good! >> for the orioles, never more than seven inni
in with the bases empty. orioles with the outburst with the 13 hits up there. they're hitting .295 at home and .246 on the road. they have the largest differential in the lead between home and about thing average. and crowley would like to take that on the road when they go. but they use it here at home. here is the delivery. and fastball. >> buck: that batting average is a result and contributor to the fact they won 22 on the road. 22 and 44 on the road this year. >> gary: trying to get back to 500 at home. they're under that right now. there is the 1-1 delivery. a 1 ball, two strike count. >> buck: we haven't seen jones really react to anything that he is having trouble with his back. he started the second batter. he a base hit against the wall. and i don't see anything on the back. >> gary: 1 ball, two strike delivery. inside out again. >> buck: and down by 2. in the 8th inning. and another good night. double and a first. 2 for 3 r.b.i. >> gary: the 1-2 delivery. skwroepbz is down swinging. two strikeouts. two away in the inning. orioles in the
for the orioles's took the angels to extra innings. see what happened. >>> the ravens fight through sunday heat and injuries to get leady for their next game and the return of rex ryan. . >>> the orioles's scored 16 runs in friday's win and one run in last night's loss so they should have rebounded against the angels right? they did but so did the angels. the orioles down one in the bottom of the 9th. jones getting the sack fly. that brought home roberts and that brought the orioles back tying the game at eight. getting free baseball. time for defense. the angels load the bases, bath on the mound. they come through, get -- grounding in to a double play. nice play. still tied into the 13th. orioles couldn't score. angels could. big time. third straight inning they loaded the bases. or didn't get out of it. the flood gates opened and the angels scored nine runs in the 13th inning including a three run homer right there. the orioles loose 17-8. they will look to split the four game series tomorrow. they have a new first baseman. they got ryan hughes in a move that finishes the deal that sent greg
rocker rooms and on the field. but now, little steven is all grown up. his father is orioles hall of famer al bumbry. you can say baseball is in his blood. >> my dad obviously had a great career in baltimore. he was a big leagues coach and minor leagues coach and up and down throughout the system with the indians, orioles and red sox. i grew up around it and it's definitely in my blood. >> reporter: steven went to delaney high school then onto virginia tech. he's now signed with the iron birds. he also knows his work has just begun. >> i've seen what kind of hard work it takes to come up to a system and develop as a player and eventually make it to the big leagues. you know that's been something that's helped me out. i've gotten huge motivation from those guys, and i look forward to being there as well. >> reporter: as a kid, he wanted to be in the big leagues. >> obviously, a lot of kids dream when necessity were growing up as small guys playing baseball and t-ball. i've had the dreams of being in the bigs ever since. i have taken my steps. this is a big step for me to sign a pro
on a warm night at oriole park. is that good news for the birds? mark has more next in sports. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way. >>> a tough night to be a sportscaster. >> you see young guys trying. the results aren't always positive. the season of oriole growing pains continue. tonight they suffer another loss and those defeats are piling up in the second half of the oriole he season. nick markakis remains a bright spot. drives in three more runs against the angels. a shot to right center. home run off ervin santana. a night of home runs, a total of sir, four by los angeles two, by vlad guerrero. this is the second. 8-5 l.a., o's lose three of four in the series. the birds' next nine games are on the road. that starts tomorrow against tampa bay. before the game the
news.com/bbb. back to you. >>> those orioles, what a big tease, aren't they? the orioles played in tampa last night, they teased them. the orioles would pull ahead, tampa would catch up. the orioles finely had enough home runs to win this. this grand slam as the orioles beat tampa 8-7. picking up the second win of his career. the orioles play in chicago. going against gavin floyd her. >>> that exhibition soccer game last month brought thousands to m & t bank stadium. now charm city has made the cut. the stadium is now among 27 venues being considered for the 28 team or the 22 world cup. city officials will now have to wait until december to find out if they made the list down to 18. they that is also when the international soccer will decide the two world cups. take a look at this. this is one of the most grueling races. an all out sprint to the finish. melanie with jamaica. she won the women's race for celebrating with the mascot. her legs were tired and the mask was covering his eyes because he crashed in a stack of hurdles sending the pair flying backwards. both were okay.
@wbaltv.com >> we have an encyclopedia about the orioles. that is coming up. >> nothing major happening this morning. some clouds are rolling in. i have the forecast on what y >> some light rainfall. a little bit of cloud cover. we will have some sunshine. our temperatures range will be normal. 73 degrees right now. 68 degrees at the airport. it looks like in the mountains of western maryland. some isolated showers. a warm front is starting to move through. we could see some rain and head of that. 87 degrees for central maryland. 81 degrees on the shores of ocean city today. the bay waters on the chesapeake are much warmer than that. they are around 80. the windsor of the south east at 10 miles per hour. the air quality today -- the winds are out of the south east at 10 mills per hour. the l quality is ok today. -- the air quality is ok today. the record high was in 2007. 53 degrees was the record low set back in 1997. 55 degrees is where we should be overnight today. we will be above that because of the warm front. semaphored agrees downtown. -- 74 degrees downtown. a weak area of high pressure. a
. >> the orioles wrap up their stay in minnesota. >> the orioles say goodbye to the minnesota metrodome. that is the last time they will play indoors in minnesota. there is a win 5-1 over the twins. the first inning, a throw off of the mark. look scott comes in to score. what has gotten into felix? a solo shot . put the orioles solo3-0. bid to put the orioles u-- put . i am gerry sandusky. i hope your thursday is off to a fantastic start. >> still to come, it woman is injured in a police-and about shooting overnight. i live with the latest. >> -- police-involved shooting overnight. overnight. doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. (announcer) trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help of honey nut cheerios' sweet taste, lowering your cholesterol is a non-challenge. get your free sample online at non-challenge.com this is really good!
orioles' rookie. -- the arrest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. the civil-rights leader called for better training for baltimore city policeman handling such a situation. -- baltimore city policemen and police such a situation. >> what a nice day today -- baltimore city policemen handling such a situation. here is what our satellite combination looks like right now. a little shower activity moves off of the beach, still around the cape hatteras area, and that is where the front has doubled in. some very pleasant air. it looks like it will be with us into next weekend. that is a long run of nuys, autumn-like weather. we will talk about the insta- weather plus forecast -- that looks like a long run of nice weather . -- nice weather. >> the person that was struck early friday morning has died. he was riding in colombia maryland. they said the man behind the wheel was under the influence of alcohol -- he was riding in columbia, maryland. he is now out of jail after posting $100,000 bail. tonight, police and baltimore are investigating two separate shooting incidents. -- police in baltimore ar
volvieron a ganar ayer fuera de casa mientras que los orioles jugando en los apalearon, tenemos el resumen. mientras que por la mls las cosas no le fueron nada bien a dc united que el fin de semana visito el estadio robertson de houston y enfrento al dynamo, que paso. vamos con las imagenes y les cuento. dc united viajo a el salvador, porque maÑana por la liga de campeones de la concacaf se enfrentara a luis angel firpo en el estadio cuscatlan... por cierto que esta semana tendremos varios partidos en vivo por galavision y telefutura correspondientes a la liga de campeones de concacaf como tambien la final de la super liga.. nos vamos a la pausa y ya volvemos. que bien que siguen con univision washington a las seis, en mexico el campeon pumas volvio a perder y esta ocasion en casa ante cruz azul, tenemos imagenes y reacciones. en honduras, tambien perdio el campeon, hablamos del olimpia que fue superado por la maquina del real espaÑa 2-0, tenemos imagenes y reacciones desde san pedro sula. nos metemos en el boxeo porque la pelea entre el puertorriqueÑo miguel cotto y el filipino manny c
orioles were looking to end the monday of july on a positive note. it just warns meant to be. camden yards, we start in the 6th inning. aubrey huff, drive goes deep to center field. guthrie gives up three home runs in the game. kevin youkilis, giving the red sox their home run. 6-5. now, can births recover after their tough loss yesterday? find out tonight. see all the action right here. >> you have to bring your canned foods and some money out to the game tonight, please, so we can raise cash and food for the maryland food bank. it's needed. >> it is need. >> you were down there yesterday. >> i was there yesterday. before that, i need to say, i was talking to the fund-raiser director, she was saying "everybody deserves to eat." >> you're right. wjz is helping with the effort. the rain cleared out before the game. >> i was scared though. >> oh ye of little faith. >> today, much the same as yesterday as far as the temperatures are concerned. yesterday got cooler after the rain moved by. humidity stayed high. today we're not teague -- dealing with the rain. that's a positive, hopefully the b
of a three-game series. orioles look to bounce back after last night's tough lott loss. coming up tonight on "o's xtra", tillman pitched well enough to keep his team in the game. we'll look back as hit game and hear from matt wieters about his progress. brian matusz goes for the orioles looking to even the series for the birds. all that and much more coming up in the secretaries -- in the next half hour right here on "o's xtra". welcome to an evening of orioles baseball. it's the orioles-minnesota twins in game two of the three- game series. minnesota beat the birds last night 2-1 for their first win in three tries against the orioles. "orioles xtra" pregame being brought to you by at&t, your world delivered. orioles send brian matusz to the mound tonight. he's 2-2 with 6.75 earned run average. right-hander armando gabino makes his major league debut for the minnesota twins. welcome to our masn studios. tom davis with rick dempsey. tillman pitched 5 2/3 last night. ' a-- allowed a couple of runs. when you see somebody improving, what do you look for out of pitchers improving? >> i think o
the jays, and jason berken looks to turn it around as he gets the start in the opener. it is the orioles and the blue jays and r and it is o's exthere on masn! >> good evening and welcome in. it is "o's xtra" presented by at&t. game one of the three-game series in toronto, and there is the pitching match-up. it will be jason berken looking to snap his long losing streak and he goes against ricky romero who is 10-4 with a stellar e.r.a. of 3.53. hi, everybody. jim hunter with rick deferltiony. brad bergesen is in studio. he'll talk about his rehab and how soon he hopes to get back with the orioles. it is game one in toronto. we know what the season is all about. the experience r. experience that the players are learning is invaluable, but somewhere along the line the winning has to factor in. what step has to be taken, in particular for the players, to go from being prospects to guys who can go in and know they have a chance to win? >> if the orioles want to win their division next year, go out and get a number four hitter and stick him right in the middle of the lineup. one of the kind o
and 62 on the season. orioles host the red sox, boston catcher, martinez, acquired from the indians, matched a career high. scored two runs. out slugged the orioles, 18-10, to sweep the three-game series. when we return it is time to go golfing. and glory be, the funk is on me. we'll check in with fred who had a great, great day on the senior tour. ntthn scott speicher. >>> welcome back, you know the last time tiger woods teed it up, he missed the cut at the open. only second in time in his career he missed the cut at the major. second time, guy gives a whole new meaning to going green. that is not tiger, but this is. began the day with a 1-shot lead on number four, sinks the down hill put for the first birdie of the day. attempting to go out with style on 18 -- but it didn't matter. tiger shoots 3-under-69 to finish 20-under-par, winning the buick open for the victory. 36 and one, leading out right after three ones, not human. and tacoma part native, funk, ran away with the senior open. a pro shot, from 171 beyond a beyond 171 beyond 171-yards, lands on the green, funk acknowledg
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